Warembo wa Kenya waliokuwa marafiki wa karibu, Huddah Monroe na Vera Sidika wameendelea na drama yao ya kurushiana vijembe kwenye mitandao ya kijamii.
Leo Vera amemwamkia Huddah na kuwaeleza followers wake wa Instagram kuwa mwakilishi huyo wa Kenya kwenye shindano la Big Brother hana lolote na hata madai kuwa anamiliki kampuni ya masuala ya nyumba ni uongo mtupu.
“Damn right I got into some gossip. Yes. Bitch always lie about one thing it two!!! FYI; these are bbm messages and chose to keep my friend anonymous and not show dp cz I honestly don’t want to involve,” ameandika Vera.
“Well. She’s the FACE OF CAMPARI Like really??? Campari really? Damn at least lie about being face of summit beer by Keroche breweries a local company that nobody would bother to Google that shit! You own a boutique!?? Enheeee! You forgot to mention you also own a “REAL ESTATE” company that doesn’t have a website neither a physical address coz honestly I’m interested in properties!! They say you look broke cz damn Bitch claims she own all these yet even her hair looks like the perfect spot for chicken to lay eggs! While you were struggling with braids for two years straight to save up for two lace wigs that don finish. Yet still pointing fingers at the Queen of weaves. You just learnt this the other day! Sit yo ass down.
Stop claiming it’s photoshop coz woman I have am the list of names of the people u been running your mouth to and everything in detail. Don’t let me go there. Cz trust me I can. I’m like a f*cking pig. I definitely enjoy getting dirty! Cz this has to stop!!! Don’t f*cking bring my name up;
PS;The face of Campari is UMA THURMAN google that shit before you start lying to very intelligent people. You look ESTU’PIDO!!! (insert Spanish accent)
Next time they will record your conversation and I will gladly post it here. Since u don’t wanna air your issues out. And let’s see how “photoshopped” that would be!
Btw. Today I have decided to give u 1 day of fame!!! Make you little bit relevant coz I know how much u die for attention. There you go!”
Kupitia ukurasa wake wa Facebook, Huddah akajibu:
SO Petty Bitch Vera Getting Shady on Me on INSTAGRAM .. . Seems like Huddah BOSS chick can’t keep this hoe up off me . U too jealous of my Real Estate Biz, Sadly, I’m so business savy and u only a Hoe the only job u Do.. I’m willing for the top Forbes, headed to the top, dot, org… I’ll Personally blow up those two bags of fat on ur Chest.. .. Bitch I get money so I does what I pleases.. Broke Vee so crusty, disgust me… That Bitch talk slick, I’m a have to terminate her That little nappy headed hoe.I introduced you to Business.. You my seed, seems The Weeds Already grown.. il have to Terminate ya ‘ just like You did to the seed in ur Tummy ..
Be Blessed ya’ll.”



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