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Mkanda wa ngono unamuonesha mfanyabiashara wa Uganda, Zarinah Tlale maarufu kama Zari the Bosslady akifanya mapenzi na mwanaume asiyejulikana umesambaa.
Zari 9
Picha za Zari akivunja amri ya sita kutoka kwenye mkanda huo zimechapishwa kwenye gazeti la udaku la Red Pepper la Uganda.
“For exclusive pictures and a clear description of how Zari moans in bed, Please hurry and Grab Red Pepper copies of Friday and Saturday from the nearest vendor,” umeandika mtandao huo.
Zari ambaye hivi karibuni amekuwa na uhusiano na Diamond Platnumz, amesema mkanda huo umetolewa kwa makusudi ya kumharibia biashara zake.
Kupitia Instagram, Zari amezungumzia kitendo hicho kwa kirefu:
Dearest friends, my fans all over the world, relatives and well wishers, as you may be or may not be aware, the print media in Uganda is awash with stories infringing on my fundamental inalienable human rights by attacking my modesty both as a woman and a mother to the utter prejudice of my private life and family. The clear motive of such publication is undoubtedly to deter and/or downplay my tireless efforts in my preparations for The Zari All White Party slated for 18/12/14 which to a large extent has rubbed some of my detractors the wrong way. I have no doubt in my mind that the pictures that appeared in today’s Red Pepper issue were leaked by someone for their own selfish motives. Be that as it may, I would like to affirm that what goes on in my private life is absolutely my business that has no reason whatsoever to find it’s way in the public realm.
Privacy to/for/of a person is not a right granted by anyone, but it’s inalienable. I am therefore steadfast in my resolve to hold the Zari All White Party for all my fans and friends in Uganda. And whilst I explore the option of seeking with a view of taking legal action against the perpetrators/detractors and/or publishers, I want to assure all my family, fans and friends again to disregard such hurtful reports aimed at scoring cheap social points. Lastly, I call upon one and all to attend the All White Party as there’ll be incredible performances from various artists including Diamond Platinumz, whose attendance is confirmed. I’d love to see you there, I’ll be there to welcome you all and God willing, we shall have a great time like we always do. Bless you all, Zari.


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